As some of you know I started playing drums at age 11, it was this that got me into art as I was always making the band posters and album artwork, websites and videos. Art and music have always gone hand in hand for me and this series, produced especially for the Steel City Sound – 50 Years of Illawarra Rock’n’Roll exhibition, will bring together both. Hoorahhh!
I used to travel up from Berry to Wollongong as a teenager to play gigs or try and sneak into shows underage. As soon as I finished high school I was up here in a heartbeat, I spent most of my time at the Oxford Tavern watching bands on average 5 nights a week. Bands such as Thumlock, Dettol, Shifter and Tumbleweed floored me in my early years, I just couldn’t get enough of the low-fi tones and driving heavy drums. Today I am still listening to the same bands and enjoy getting out to see new local bands as well.

For this series I made limited exhibition 4 colour process screen prints of some of my favourite local muso’s noise boxes (aka guitar effect pedals). I love how this little boxes can give so much characteristic to ones “sound”.
Artists I have chosen to work with include Luke (Hytest), Kristy (Babymachine), Gordon (The Nice Folk), Sweeny (Kaleidoscope) and Damien (Dropping Honey).
Each work is an edition of 10. $35ea + p/h. Get in contact to purchase.