Trina Collins, who works under the pseudonym Poncho Army, is an artist who isn’t afraid to get some paint under her fingernails. Known for her detailed line work, precision cut stencils and signature splatter paint skies, she has appeared in numerous gallery shows, been a finalist in multiple art prizes, and exhibited alongside many leading urban and contemporary artists including Banksy, Kid Zoom, ROA, Beastman, Vexta, Reg Mombassa, Kaff-Eine and Anthony Lister.
In June 2012 ArtsHub named Poncho Army as one of the top ten street artists in Australia. She was the 2013 artist in residence at Wollongong Art Gallery. Her work is held in collections around the world including New York, Japan, London, Dubai, Los Angelas, New Zealand and Australia. The National Gallery of Australia archives Poncho Army’s work and the Standford d.School in California has her art adorning their halls.

The central theme for Poncho Army’s art is the exploration of contrasts – between urban and rural spaces, between internal and external realities, between melancholy and joy. She loves to capture youthful innocence and often draws upon her experiences growing up in a shrinking rural landscape to gather inspiration for her work.

Poncho Army got her start in visual arts by designing posters for her band (she has been a drummer since age 11), followed by attaining a BA in Graphic Design and New Media from UOW in 2003.
Poncho Army works as a visual artist, mural artist and graphic designer. She is experienced in freehand aerosol, stencil art, screen printing, printmaking, typography, brush painting, paste-ups, graphic design and multimedia. Her design skills allow her to create professional digital proofs of all mural concepts to be approved prior to painting, making her one of the most sort after urban artists in Australia. Recently she has painted murals for BOOMDubbo, Fraser Coast Council, Albury City Council, Wollongong City Council, Bankstown Council as well as businesses The Little Prince, Hangtime, His Boy Elroy, Headspace and Family and Community Services.

Securing a 12 month residency at Wollongong Art Gallery in 2012-2013 Poncho Army worked on a 13 piece, 715 print series titled ‘Fight or Flight’. Poncho Army pushed the boundaries of her chosen mediums by combining water based screen prints with the use of hand cut stencils and solvent based spray paint. Many professionals told her the mediums technically could not bond. “I felt like a crazy scientist with numerous beakers of inks on the benches and failed prints scattered on the floor. I knew somehow I would get the water and solvent based paints to work together and in the end I got there. I could almost write a book on the process”.

Since mid 2013 Trina has been running Anchors Aweigh Art Studio in Wollongong, Australia where she teaches workshops in urban, contemporary and graphic art mediums. The warehouse studio also has an arts supply shop, specialising in aerosol and hard to find materials and operates as a design house. Trina teaches on average 5 workshops a week, from ages 5 years up to adults. She has taught special needs and disability groups, high school classes and community groups. The design house side of the business creates everything from logos, branding, websites and custom wall murals and visual art services. Talented students of Anchors Aweigh Art Studio are often employed to use their skills on projects secured by the studio. For more info check the website >



Email: hey<at>
Commercial design website:



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• 2015 Special Invitation – BOOMDubbo, Street Art Project (5 murals + artist talk)

• 2015 EOI Winner – Bankstown Council, Street Art Project (Mural + workshop)

• 2015 EOI Winner – Wollongong City Council, Berkeley Panels Project (Mural + workshops)

• 2015 Invited Speaker Creative Fuel Conference, Seymour Centre, Sydney

• 2015 EOI Winner – Fraser Coast Council, Street Art Project (3 murals + 5 day workshop)

• 2015 EOI Winner – Wollongong City Council, MacCabe Park Amenities Artwork Project (Mural + workshops)

• 2015 EOI Winner – Wollongong City Council, Panels Project, Wollongong Art Gallery, Public Art Project

• 2015 Archived by The National Gallery of Australia

• 2014 Sealy & Cancer Council Artist

• 2012/2013 Wollongong City Gallery artist in residence (12 months)

• 2012 Australian Stencil Art Prize finalist

• 2012 BSG Works on Paper finalist

• 2012 Gallery 5 Crown artist in residence (6 months)

• 2011 Australian Stencil Art Prize finalist

• 2011 Meroogal Women’s Art Prize finalist

• 2010 Australian Stencil Art Prize finalist

• 2009 Australian Stencil Art Prize finalist



JLTA – Workshop & Artist Insurance
$20m Public Liability

Working With Children Check Approved.



• 2015, December
Beach Burrito, Wollongong
Brand new solo exhibition of A3 aerosol and screen printed works.
Opening 4 December, 2015 from 6pm.


• 2015, September
Project Artspace, Wollongong
The Umbrella Project. 

• 2015, July
Seymour Centre, Sydney
Creative Fuel Exhibition


• 2014, November
Wollongong City Gallery
Steel City Sound. 50yrs of rock from the Illawarra exhibition.
Limited edition hand pulled screen printed posters.

• 2014, October / November
Beach Burrito Wollongong
Grand opening exhibition + Ben Brown + Trait + La Division Crew.
Limited edition stencil and digital works of The Great Blue Heron.




• 2014, July / September
Bitter Phew, Sydney
A.A.A.S. Printmakers Exhibition

• 2014, March / April
Bitter Phew, Sydney
Past Ponchos – solo exhibition


• 2013, 21 June to 1 September
Wollongong City Gallery, Wollongong
‘Fight or Flight’ solo exhibition

• 2013, 9 – 22 September
Salerno Gallery, Glebe – Sydney
‘Fight or Flight’ solo exhibition

• 2013, 27 September
Art4Refugees, TIGS, Wollongong
Group exhibition. Fundraiser. Artwork sold for charity

• 2013, 11 – 24 October
Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy – Melbourne
‘Fight or Flight’ solo exhibition

• 2013, 16 – 26 October
Studio 19 – Wollongong
Group exhibition. Fundraiser. Artwork sold for charity

• 2013, 16 – 27 October
Stencil Art Prize, Chrissie Cotter Gallery – Sydney
World & Australian category finalist

• 2013, 21 October – 3 November
BOOM For Real2, Project Gallery – Wollongong
Group Exhibition, feat international, national & local street artists

• 2013, 1-30 November
Beach Burrito Company, Newtown – Sydney
‘EightySixed’ solo exhibition of lino prints


• 2012, November – Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Sydney
Australian Stencil Art Prize 2012

• 2012, November – City Gallery, Wollongong
WCG Art Markets

• 2012, July – Terrarium Gallery, Wollongong
For Love or Munny – Vinyl toy exhibition

• 2012, March – Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy, Melbourne
Works On Paper


• 2011/2012,  November/February – Wollongong City Gallery, Wollongong
Local: Current

 • 2011, November/December, Outpost Project, Cockatoo Island, Sydney
Australian Stencil Art Prize / Outpost Project

 • 2011, November/December
Sinking Ship Studio, Wollongong (Nov) & YoursandOwls, Wollongong (Dec)
Swappy Seconds / Viva La Gong

• 2011, November – Sinking Ship Studio, Wollongong
Sinking Ship Studio Sets Sail

• 2011,  August/September – Shoalhaven Arts Centre, Nowra
Meroogal Women’s Art Prize

• 2011, July – Project Contemporary Artspace, Wollongong
Project Members Exhibition

• 2011, March/April – Gallery: 5 Crown Lane, Wollongong
Touch That Space – Poncho Army & Jodie Mathews


• 2010, November – Oh Really Gallery, Newtown
Australian Stencil Art Prize 2010

• 2010,  September – Blutac Gallery, UOW, Wollongong
Nude Auction / Exhibition

• 2010, July – Project Contemporary Artspace, Wollongong
Project Members Exhibition

• 2010, April/May
Project Contemporary Artspace, Wollongong & Waves Nightclub, Towradgi
5 Artists create 5 Posters for 5 Bands


• 2009, April – Blue Hotel, Woolloomooloo
Fashion, Lifestyle, Arts & Culture

• 2009, March – Oh Really Gallery, Newtown
Australian Stencil Art Prize 2009


• 2008, July – Music Farmers – Wollongong
Rest In Pieces – Poncho Army & Kezia

• 2006, June – Tea’se Me – Wollongong
You Own A Piece Of Art (solo)

• 2005, August – Wollongong City Gallery
Stencil Poncho Army, Vexta + more

• 2003, November – University of Wollongong
Graduation Exhibition